A Tough Start To Kick Off The Season

Heading into this game the Sheffield Sabres were full of confidence after a productive pre-season. Now is the time that it matters, regular season. The first half was dominated by defence as both teams shout out the opposing offences in multiple three and outs throughout the first quarter. However, after a botched snap by the Sabres punt unit, the Hallam Warriors’ were finally in perfect field position. The Sabres’ once again pushed back with a sack from DE #55 Mo Ahmed but on the next play read more

5-3 on the Regular Season, Division Champs (..?) and onto UCLan

After beating the Sheffield Hallam Warriors for the first time in 5 years, the high-rolling Sheffield Sabres took on the LJMU Fury this past Sunday in a do-or-die game for a playoff berth.

The Sabres defense struggled to get going early in the first quarter, conceding a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game from a jet sweep. After what seemed like a common occurrence for one of the most efficient defenses in the league, the Sabres were on the back foot and looking like their playoff read more

The Long Week is done, time to make the steel city black and gold…

The Sheffield Sabres ended their long week with a win against the Leeds, with the game ending at a comfortable 36-14 to the home side. The Sabres offense started strong, scoring two early touchdowns and a field goal, looking like the game had been secured. Leeds, who were fighting to prevent relegation, hit back hard, scoring two of their own touchdowns and leaving the score 16-14. The Sabres took over in the second half, not allowing the Gryphons to score again and tacking on some more points read more

3 in 8, a Long Week

The Sheffield Sabres look towards the last game of their 8 day, 3 game stretch. After two away games, they look forward to being at home against Leeds on Sunday, in an interesting matchup.

The Sabres started the long week away at UCLan. Previously, the Sabres have struggled to get any offense going at UCLan’s home ground and the defense have struggled to stop the traditional run heavy UCLan offense. The Sabres struggled to get going on their first drive, leaving the defense to bring the steel read more

Our Time

Our Time

Week 2 was a trying one for the Sabres. Coming off the back of a brilliant week 1, where they turned around a game that looked like it was done in the first 10 minutes, the Sabres looked strong going into the road trip game against the LJMU Fury.

Mofi Jaiyebo gets a pick early in the game, and almost takes it to the house

Mofi Jaiyebo gets a pick early in the game, and almost takes it to the house

The defense were hoping to keep their form with another great performance, while looking to learn from their mistakes early on in the UCLan game. Unfortunately, the LJMU offense scored an early touchdown due to great field position and a few missed read more