Sabres @ Sharks Review

The Sheffield Sabres lost a close game on a wet, muddy day in Hull, the Sabres had a larger squad than last week but were still missing several players due to exams.
The Sabres had to run the ball more often than usual due to the state of the pitch, and had a few decent gains in the running game but not enough for the win.
Neither team got much momentum in the first half but late in the first quarter Jacob Hardy scrambled away from trouble and found Rowan Huggins in the end zone for his fifth touchdown of the season.
The Sabres kept that lead for a while, helped by a red zone interception by Tom Henshaw, but in the fourth quarter with the offence backed up near their own end zone Jacob Hardy was sacked at the one. The following play resulted in a safety, the Sabres still led 6-2 but the Sharks were showing some fight in the second half. Soon after the Sharks scored a touchdown on offence and converted the PAT.
The Sabres passing offence couldn’t get going on a deteriorating pitch, and the game finished 9-6 to Hull, dropping the Sabres record to 2-4.