Following a successful recruitment drive and (good) preparation, the Sabres travelled to Nottingham Uni for their first preseason scrimmage, giving both players and coaches an opportunity to showcase their talent.

The structure of the scrimmage allowed all players to get onto the field to show their worth against an extremely strong Nottingham side. Following numerous pre-planned drives the teams faced off in a competitive half game. After the Offence went 3 and out on the initial possession, The Sabres took an early lead due to a pick six from Tom Henshaw. This confidence boost and consistent special teams plays saw the Offence score consistently on following drives. But the score was kept even as the Defence struggled with injuries forcing people to play out of position, particularly on the D Line, which featured numerous Linebackers and Defensive backs by the end of the game.

As the final minutes of the half game closed in, the offence, led by Ben Hughes, responded well under pressure scoring in their final possession giving The Sabres the lead. Stand out Rookie Alex Garcia rallied the Defence to a extremely strong finish, shutting out the Nottingham Offence in the closing seconds with a pick from Max Finch. Final Score 26-20. Although only a half game outside of league pressures, the performance holds promising for the coming season.

Offence : Daniel Rosson
Defence : Jade McCaffrey
Lineman : Adam Brownlees
Special Teams : Rowan Huggins
Offensive Rookie : Ahmed Wael
Defensive Rookie : Alex Garcia
Captain’s MVP : Theo Gatehouse

notts scrimmage

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