The Sabres suffered a tough loss against the UCLan Rams on Saturday. Following a bad loss against the Hallam warriors two weeks prior, the Sabres travelled to Preston with a heavily depleted squad as many important players unable to play due to injuries. Available players were forced to play out of position with Linebackers filling in on the Offensive Line and Offensive Lineman on the Defensive Line.

The Sabres however, started well with the defence stopping the Rams on their first two drives, but were unable to get their own offence moving. A short punt with a last-minute replacement kicker put the defence in a tough position from which the Rams ran in their first touchdown, after which the extra point kick was blocked by Linebacker Mo Ahmed. Even the Sabres kick return which often pays dividends struggled as inexperienced players struggled to execute the blocking scheme and despite strong running from returner Mark Price, the Sabres could not return the ball out of their own half.

Despite the Rams lack of success through the air this year, they managed to complete multiple touchdown passes on both blown and tight coverages. On the offensive side of the ball, the second half seemed promising as a long drive brought the Sabres deep into Rams territory, but a huge hit on QB Ben Hughes in his first start this year brought his game to an end. With the top three QB’s out of action, Wide Receiver Bruno Schatten was called upon to continue the offensive drive. Strong running from already injured Ruben Pare brought the Sabres to the 1 yard line but were unable to convert on fourth down and the Rams turned the ball over. Missed tackles saw the Rams score two more touchdowns to finish the game 40-0. After a demoralising loss and countless injuries, Christmas has come at the perfect time for the Sabres who look to utilise this rest period, and come back into the season after the break with a stronger team and confidence that they can make it to the playoffs.

Offence MVP: Ruben Pare
Defence MVP: Alex Garcia
Offensive Rookie: Rees Britt
Defensive Rookie: Nathan Brereton
Lineman: Kai Wolff
Special Teams: Mo Ahmed
Captain’s MVP: Joe Warriner