Game Report: Sheffield Sabres Vs Manchester Tyrants 09/12/18

With the Christmas break fast approaching the Sabres had one more opponent to tackle in the form
of the 0-3 Manchester Tyrants. The two teams met in week 3 with the Sabres coming out on top 46-
25, since then Sabres have halted the conference’s two high scoring teams (UCLan & LJMU) to a
collective 19 points all the while putting up 46 points.

Confidence was high, with Manchester winning the coin toss the defence was out first. After three
plays it looked the D-Line had finally hit a wall, giving up a handful of rushing yards to give
Manchester the first down. Despite halting the Tyrant’s offence, the defence showed some clear
weaknesses that would be later exploited. Just as fast as they came on the offence were soon
immediately off the pitch thanks to a 58-yard touchdown by WR #88 Harrison Bazley. With the PAT
good the Sabres are 7-0 up.

The defence needed to switch it up and they got that with an interception by FS #22 Sam Turner to
put the Sabres with 10-yards of the goal line. RB #24 Jamie Fennell powered through to give the
Sabres their second touchdown of the game. PAT good, the Sabres are up 14-0. With the defence
back on the previously mentioned weaknesses came back to haunt them, the D-Line struggled to
hold the run giving up 21-yards rushing on this drive. Meanwhile, mistakes in the secondary allowed
Manchester to march up the field to score their first and only touchdown of the game. With the PAT
blocked the score stood at 14-6.

A 43-yard kick return by Rookie #5 Rashalen Nayanah Rajh put the offence in the Tyrants own half.
Wanting to share the love, QB #10 Sam Worrall launched the ball to #89 WR Joseph Warriner for
another touchdown. In just 5 plays, the offence have scored 3 TD’s to put the Sabres up 21-6. After a
poor start, the defence finally decided to show up with a 3 & out, forcing the Tyrants to punt the
ball. To no one’s surprise, the offence again made short work of the Tyrants defence, an 18-yard
rush by Worrall and a 12-yard completion to Rash put Harrison within striking distance, picking up
14-yards off the slant to give the Sabres their 4th touchdown of the game. Sabres now lead 27-6.
An offensive PI call helped the Sabres D as they held back the Manchester offence once again. With
the offence back on it was time for another person to get a touchdown, step up, TE #16 Bruno
Schatten as he took it 36-yards to give the Sabres their 5th touchdown. A short snap in the PAT meant
that Warriner had to scramble, it looked like he was going to get the 2pts until he tripped himself up
on the 2-yard line. Sabres now lead 33-6.

The Sabres defence managed to hold once more but not after giving up a big play as the mistakes
continue to pile up. The offence seems to be allergic to the field as they quickly walked off with a 57-
yard touchdown to Harrison once again. PAT good, the score now stood at 40-6 to the Sabres. I
would like to remind everyone that we’re still not done with the first half yet, all of this has
happened in the first and second quarter of the game.
The Sabres defence pushed back the Tyrants offence as Rookie DE #45 Steve Tadewos tackled the
QB on the 1-yard line, forcing the offence to punt the ball. Again, it didn’t take long for the offence
to score as Rookie WR #29 Eric Bell caught a 28-yard pass to give the Sabres their 7th touchdown of
the game. With the PAT blocked the score stands at 46-6 to close out the first half.
With the Sabres searching for their first Fifty-Burger since the 2012/13 season, it looked like they
would get it, the one thing that could stop them was the mercy rule (when a team is leading by 35
points or more, the game clock continues to run regardless of incompletions and if the ball goes out
of bounds). Nevertheless, it looked certain as the offence kicked things off with a 30-pass to Harrison

to put the Sabres into the RedZone. It looked like Harrison was going to pick up his third touchdown
of the day, but offensive PI brought the playback 15-yards. A 14-yard catch but Rash meant the
Sabres were back on the 7-yard line. Wanting that 50 burger, the offence opted for the 4 th down,
what seemed like a missed communication, for the first time this game, the offence came off
without a score. The defence needed a turnover, so S #38 Ciaran Miles provided just that, as the
Tyrants QB rolled out Ciaran stripped the ball and recovered it to set the offence up on the Tyrants
33-line yard.
A string of two penalties set the offence back 20-yards and inevitably forced a punt. After two big
plays from the tyrants’ offence the defence managed to dig in to hold the Tyrants’ offence once
again. With now one quarter remaining and with the clock continuing to run the offence had one
more chance to secure the 50.
With help from a PI penalty the Sabres marched down to the RedZone, determined to score, Worrall
broke free to run to the 6-yard line. With seconds remaining, a brilliantly executed Zig route by Rash
gave him enough room for Sam to throw his 7th touchdown of the game. With the PAT blocked the
game finished 52-6 to the Sheffield Sabres.
This makes it 4 straight wins in a row and places the Sabres 2nd in the Yorkshire & Lancashire
conference. The next game for the Sabres will be their final home game of the season against the
Hallam Warriors, who currently sit in first place. But for now, the players and coaches are looking
forward to enjoying the Christmas break.