3 in 8, a Long Week

The Sheffield Sabres look towards the last game of their 8 day, 3 game stretch. After two away games, they look forward to being at home against Leeds on Sunday, in an interesting matchup.

The Sabres started the long week away at UCLan. Previously, the Sabres have struggled to get any offense going at UCLan’s home ground and the defense have struggled to stop the traditional run heavy UCLan offense. The Sabres struggled to get going on their first drive, leaving the defense to bring the steel curtain back early. The defense started out the first half very strong, as offense slowly brought their firepower as the game progressed. The game ended in the Sabres losing narrowly to a last minute touchdown from a running back screen. 23-17 to UCLan, going 1-1 in the season series against the Sabres.

Mid week games are a rarity in UK University American football. However, due to a few cancellations and weather issues, the Sabres ended up playing a short game in Liverpool against the Leeds Gryphons. The offense started early and hard, scoring on their first drive. The Sabres then recovered an onside kick after a forced fumble from a big hit by kickoff team member and DL Mo Ahmed. The offense then scored on their second drive immediately following the recovered kickoff. 14-0 before Leeds got their offense on the field. The defense shut Leeds out for the first few drives, and offense kept hammering. Due to a costly coverage mistake and a pick six, Leeds found themselves back in the game. The Sabres continued to execute throughout the game however, and Leeds couldn’t catch up. Final score 35-15 to the Sabres.

We now look forward to the final game of this long stretch with a game against Leeds at home. No love will be lost, and Leeds will be looking to seek redemption against the Sabres.