Game Preview: Sheffield Sabres @ Durham Saints

On this Saturday, 8th November, the Sheffield Sabres will be travelling to Durham to play the Saints in what will be the second game of the season for both teams.

With the Sabres rebounding from a very close 2 point loss to Loughborough at the weekend, they will be eager to show that they are capable of winning in this premiership division rather than just deserving of a place in it.

The Saints, on the other hand, are coming off a huge 28-14 victory over the current national champions – the Stirling Clansmen. This is sure to give them a morale boost coming into this week’s game, with them expecting an easy victory after our 48-7 loss to Stirling in last year’s quarter final.

Furthermore, with rumours of Durham recruiting between 8 – 15 American players on scholarship, it’s safe to assume there will be some talent from across the pond to worry about.

With these two teams having never faced each other before, there is no past rivalry to fall back on for motivation. However, after such a close defeat last week Sheffield will be keen to prove themselves once more and will come out fighting.

On a less serious note, with this match being a rare Saturday fixture instead of Sunday, regardless of the result it is a great chance to renew an old Sabres tradition… Sabre tarts! For those who don’t know this is where the team all put on their best suits and hit Pop Tarts, the Saturday night club event at the student union, so let’s hope it’s for celebration not commiseration!

To keep up with the score during the match please follow @SheffieldSabres on twitter, or check our facebook page after the game for a final score.