5-3 on the Regular Season, Division Champs (..?) and onto UCLan

After beating the Sheffield Hallam Warriors for the first time in 5 years, the high-rolling Sheffield Sabres took on the LJMU Fury this past Sunday in a do-or-die game for a playoff berth.

The Sabres defense struggled to get going early in the first quarter, conceding a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game from a jet sweep. After what seemed like a common occurrence for one of the most efficient defenses in the league, the Sabres were on the back foot and looking like their playoff hopes were about to be cut short. The Sabres responded shortly after, but could only score a field goal, leaving the score 7-3 as they entered the second half.

The second half was a completely different game for the Sabres, the defense stayed strong while offensive captain Simon Arnold led by example, with some stellar catches under pressure. As fate would have it, The Fury conceded the second touchdown of the game via a perfectly executed jet sweep, run into the endzone by Simon himself. The defense stayed strong with the efforts of various big plays from safety, Danny Ardron and cornerback, Nathan Brereton. Defensive captain, Usama Mujtaba, stayed strong as the sole linebacker behind the 5-man defensive line who denied rushing yards all game.

This week, as we head into the playoffs, the Sabres look to face UCLan at home after a seeding error and lots of drama in the BUCS world. This will be the third time the two have faced off this year, and with a record of 1-1, both teams have every right to fight for a spot in the next round of the playoffs. Time to bring the steel curtain to Lancashire.