08/09 Season

The 2008-09 was to see a major restructure to offensive scheme due to the graduation of the “Air Sheffield” core which had combined for over 200 points through the air alone over 3 years. The Sabres were a whole different ‘animal’ and were aiming to re brand themselves as a relentless ground and pound outfit. The transition was less than seamless.

The season followed a similar pattern, going into the Christmas break undefeated, with a notable victory over Leeds. The Sabres now went into the second half of the season with a packed run up to the playoffs. A heart wrenching loss to Sheffield Hallam left for an interesting finish to the season. The Sabres managed to fulfil all four remaining fixtures to finish the season 7-1 and this time to clinch the division title over Leeds based on head to head record.

Once again the Sabres fell at the same hurdle. This time to a well prepared and drill Loughborough Aces outfit.


Club Honours:

-BUAFL Conference 2 North Division Champions

-University of Sheffield Club Sport of the Year

Player Honours:

-University of Sheffield Club Sport International Sportsman of the Year – Wojciec Stec

-University of Sheffield Club Sport Outstanding Contribution Award – Elliott Josypenko

-University of Sheffield Club Sport Colours –

Admin : Euan Paterson, Elliott Josypenko, Kirk Mavraki

Club : Elliott Josypenko, Andrew Cropper,

Half : Chris Shaw, Simon Buckley, Kirk Mavraki

Full : Robin Toone

Coaching Honours:

Head Coach Simon Dwyer is hand picked as MVP North Head Coach

-Coach Will Hunting – MVP North Linebackers Coach

-Coach Adam Liley – MVP North Defensive Lineman Coach

-Coach Tim Mulliner – MVP North Offensive Lineman Coach

-Coach Simon Vardy – MVP North Defensive Backs Coach

Away Team Home Team
Liverpool Fury P-P Sheffield Sabres
Nottingham Outlaws 2-13 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 14-0 Derby Braves
Sheffield Sabres 14-0 Leeds Celtics
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 21-14 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres P-P Lancaster Bombers
UCH Sharks P-P Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 46-0 Huddersfield Hawks
UCH Hawks 0-30 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 30-0 Lancaster Bombers
Liverpool Fury 6-10 Sheffield Sabres
Loughborough Aces 21-7 Sheffield Sabres
Sabres Oldboys 21-12 Sheffield Sabres
BUAFL Conference 2 – North Division
Team Won Lost Tied PCT. For Against
Sheffield Sabres 7 1 0 0.875 171 29
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 6 2 0 0.750 197 60
Leeds Celtics 6 2 0 0.750 141 58
Huddersfield Hawks 3 4 0 0.429 62 184
Liverpool Fury 1 7 0 0.125 82 137
Lancaster Bombers 1 7 0 0.125 52 190
UCH Sharks 1 7 0 0.12 40 191
No. Name Position
1 Colin Williams RB
2 Simon Bell DB
3 Victor B RB
5 Mark Maguire RB
8 Brendan Heath FB
9 Andrew Cropper QB
10 Ale Sidoli WR/P
12 Greg Mackie WR
15 Matt Bartimus TE
16 Patrick Byrne WR
17 David Irving QB
23 Mo Bashagha DB
24 Sam Broughton RB
31 Stuart Boor DB
33 Robin Toone III LB
34 Jiv Dhaliwal DB
35 Stuart Taggart DB
38 Chris Shaw WR/DB
40 Wei Hong Tay LB
42 Daniel Rainforth RB
44 Matt Duffy LB
47 Ali Veitch DB
51 Chris Jackson OL
52 George Pollard LB
53 Charles Higson LB
54 Rob Sandler LB
55 Luke Shackleton LB
56 Jay Stec DL
57 Tom Bone LB
58 Syd Worthington LB
60 Matt Yeow LB
64 Amanda Hastings OL
65 Joe Longworth OL
66 Steve Donaldson OL
67 Emanus Prospere DL
71 Kirk Mavraki OL
72 Mike Berwick OL
75 Elliott Joyspenko OL
76 Phillip Rowbottom DL
81 Hallam Cutmore WR
83 Mark Bradley DB/WR
84 Euan Paterson WR
85 Dean Brown WR
86 David Middleton WR/TE
88 Chris Lakin DL/TE
90 Jonathan Gladwin DL
92 Jason Sawyer DL
95 Steve Cademy DL
97 Kieran Rieley LB
99 Kush Mali DL
Match Reports
Nottingham Outlaws 2 – 13 Sheffield Sabres
The University of Sheffield Sabres took on last season’s playoff contenders, the Nottingham Outlaws in their first match of the 08/09 season, under the floodlights at a cold Bawtry Road on Sunday. 

The Sabres started solidly, with an 80 yard drive on their first possession, rounded off with runningback Colin Williams storming into the endzone, putting the home side up 7-0 after just 4 minutes.

The rest of the game became a war of attrition between two solid defences, neither willing to budge an inch. After a fine Nottingham punt in the second quarter, Sheffield started a drive on their 1 yard line, and a strong blitz through the hole sent Sheffield runningback Jamie Mordue back into his own endzone, conceding a safety for 2 points, making the score at the half 7-2.

The third quarter started brightly for the home team, with linebacker Luke Shackleton recovering a fumble and safety Ali Veitch picking a Nottingham pass to give the Sheffield offence fine field position. The offence duly accepted their task, and runningback Colin Williams ploughed into the endzone for his second score, making it 13-2 to Sheffield.

The game once again deteriorated, but it was always comfortable for the Sabres defence, with strong tackles up the middle from rookie nosetackle Phill Rowbottom and veteran linebacker George Pollard. Safety Ali Veitch ended his day with 3 interceptions for a total of 65 yards, and Colin Williams leads the team with 85 rushing yards.

Sheffield Sabres 14 – 0 Derby Braves
The Sheffield Sabres travelled to Derby, to take on the 1-2 Braves. With a blizzard forecast, a dry, windless day pleased both offenses, as they looked forward to the Barti-Bowl. 

Derby started on offense, and started confidently with 3 completions from QB Josh Bartimus. However, an impressive stand and a turnover on downs allowed the Sheffield offense to take the field.

In the first drive, QB Andrew Cropper completed his first ever pass, a 50 yard bomb to WR Alessandro Sidoli, but eventually the drive stalled, and P Kieran Rieley gave the ball to Derby.

Unfortunately, this would prove to be a regular occurance for the Sheffield offence, which would regularly gain significant yards through RBs Mark Maguire and Colin Williams, before stalling and finding themselves in a 3rd and long situation against a strong and aggressive defense.

The Derby offense was experiencing much of the same treatment, with both defenses coming out on top. However, the Sheffield D managed to trump their East Midlands opponents forcing 5 turnovers on the day, including 3 more picks for S Ali Veitch and one for CB Stuart Boor.

The play of the day however was a sack and forced fumble from LB Kieran Reiley, with DE Jon Gladwin recovering the ball in the endzone for a touchdown. The extra point was missed by Ale Sidoli.

In the second half, the Sabres offense started to roll a little more, and through Mark Maguire, secured a 14 point win, racking up a touchdown, and running in the 2 point conversion to complete the days scoring.

Sheffield Sabres 14 – 0 Leeds Celtics
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 21 – 14 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 46 – 0 Huddersfield Hawks
Hull Sharks 0 – 30 Sheffield Sabres
Liverpool Fury 6 – 10 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 30 – 0 Lancaster Bombers
Double header game held at Lancaster
Loughborough Aces 21 – 7 Sheffield Sabres (Playoffs)