06/07 Season

The 2006-07 campaign saw the dawn of a new era for the Sheffield Sabres. Having ended their 10 game losing streak the previous season whilst also setting many records in the process, you could forgive the Sabres for entering the season in a confident manner. It was also the first outing of the new Sabres’ colours – black and gold.

The Sabres season did not begin as planned with a weekend trip to Stirling to open their season ended in disappointment due to pitch problems. Three games were played prior to Christmas ending with a 3-1 record, with the single loss coming at the hands of a formidable Loughborough Aces team who would later be runners up in the College Bowl.

Post Christmas 3 more victories were added to the tally including a confident victory over the Sheffield Hallam Warriors. Despite having to tie their final game of the season the Sabres managed to secure a historic Division title, the first for the club. Celebrations were cut short when the Leeds Celtics would continue the Sabres playoffs blues. The season was to finish on a positive note though, as the annual Varsity fixture was to be won by the Sabres in what was their second victory over their arch rivals in one season.

Away Team Home Team
Sheffield Sabres 1-0 Stirling Clansmen
Lancaster Bombers 0-26 Sheffield Sabres
UHC Sharks 0-20 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 3-6 Loughborough Aces
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 0-12 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 36-0 Lincoln Colonials
Sheffield Sabres 39-12 Lancaster Bombers
UT Cougers 1-1 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 0-13 Leeds Celtics
Sheffield Sabres 21-6 Hallam Warriors

BCAFL Northern Conference – Western Division Standings
Team Won Lost Tied PCT. For Against
Sheffield Sabres 6 1 1 0.813 137 18
Sheffield Hallam Wariors 4 2 2 0.625 75 43
Lancaster Bombers 4 3 1 0.563 84 135
UHC Sharks 1 5 2 0.250 36 127
Lincoln Colonials 0 7 1 0.063 6 1
No. Name Position
1 Colin Williams RB
4 Paul Musker QB
8 Tom Murphy FB/LB
11 Sam Manger WR
13 Colin Hatton TE
18 Matt Paul WR/P/K
19 Phil Hindes WR
20 Jerry Ushakov WR
21 Tom Guy RB
22 Kenji Ara RB
23 Matt Fox DB
24 Sam Broughton RB
25 Chris Jenkin RB
26 Joe Wade FB
27 Tom Wyke WR
29 Dan Zehner TE
30 Simon Vardy DB
33 Robin Toone III DB
34 Scott Davies DB
35 Greg Jones RB
37 Tim Hordley RB
38 Chris Shaw WR/DB
39 Iolo Rhys DB
41 Andrew Cropper DB
42 Neil Tuckwood LB
44 Nick Jephson DB
45 Tom Marchant RB
47 Martyn Scott DB
50 Dan Smith OL
52 George Pollard LB
54 Will Evans LB
55 Jasper Chandel DL
56 Jay Stec DL
57 Kark Hoddell LB
58 Andrew Caldeira LB
59 Rob Oxley LB
60 Sam Brzeski LB
62 Tim Mullinar OL
69 Simon Buckley OL/DL
71 Kirk Mavraki OL
74 Iain Adams LB
75 Elliott Joyspenko OL
80 Henry Geen WR
81 Michal Whitty DE
83 Mark Bradley WR
84 Euan Paterson WR
85 Nas Purewal WR
88 Chris Lakin DL
95 Steve Cademy DL
99 Will Hunting LB


– BCAFL All College Team: Tim Mullinar, Jay Stec,George Pollard, Tom Murphy, Matt Paul, Nick Jephson, Sam Manger and Colin Hatton.

Match Reports
Hull Hornets 20-12 Sheffield Sabres (Pre Season)
Sheffield Sabres eventually played their first preseason match of the season yesterday at their new Hillsborough home. The match against BAFL new boys Hull Hornets, had to be downgraded to a controlled scrimmage but rookies and vets alike gained valuable experience against a strong Hornets side. In driving rain, a rock-solid performance from the defence was complimented with a very positive offensive showing, especially considering the match was played in driving rain! The Sabres would also like to thank Hull Hornets for the outstanding patience shown, and we wish them all the best with their application to join BAFL.
Sheffield Sabres 6-0 Nottingham Outlaws (Pre Season)
Sheffield Sabres showed much promise in beating a strong Outlaws side in a controlled scrimmage. Given five series each, the Sabres D, known as the Steel Curtain, held Nottingham to negative yards on offense, including multiple sacks from ends Jay Stec and Chris Lakin, and linebacker Tom Murphy. The offense stepped up to the plate on the final drive and a fine catch from sweepstake leader Sam Manger, gave the Sabres the win!
Sheffield Sabres 1-0 Stirling Clansmen
Sheffield Sabres are now 1-0 despite not playing an official match. No referees or pitch markings meant that a match couldn’t go ahead, but a controlled scrimmage still took place. Stirling won this 3-0 with a first half field goal, but the game was marred by a broken leg to Sabres defensive captain Simon Vardy. Everyone with the Sabres wishes Fat Man the best and we’ll be seeing you up and about in no time.Awards were still given out:Rookie of the Week: Sam Brzeski (LB)MVP: George Pollard (LB)Lineman of the Week: Jay Stec (DE, LT, K, P)
Lancaster Bombers 0-26 Sheffield Sabres
The Sabres offence led by veteran QB Paul Musker started the game strongly scoring three touchdowns in twenty minutes. Musker found the hands of WR Matthew Paul for his first ever Sabres touchdown shortly before RB Colin “Cadillac” Williams ran in from 7 yards. After the change of ends WR Sam Manger was the next to receive the ball, running it in at the corner for a touchdown. The defence then took their turn, by stopping dead a strong Bombers offense. Leading the tackles were LB Iain Adams, LB George Pollard and DE Jay Stec. The Sabres D racked up five turnovers through three fumble recoveries and two interceptions and even managed points of their own through Tom Murphy’s sacking of the Bombers QB in their endzone. The offense then secured the game with a touchdown to WR Henry Geen.Awards were given out:Rookie of the Week: George Pollard (LB)D-MVP: Iain Adams(LB)O-MVP: Paul Musker(QB)

Lineman of the Week: Colin Hatton(TE)

Hull Sharks 0-20 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 3-6 Loughborough Aces
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 0-12 Sheffield Sabres
The Sheffield Sabres took an important step towards clinching the North Western Division, by beating divisional arch-rivals Sheffield Hallam 12-0 on a sunny Sabre Field.The Sabres started well in front of a buoyant home support, and the first drive of the game ended up under the posts with WR Phil Hindes breaking his 06-07 duck, from a pass from QB Paul Musker. Unfortunately the 2pt conversion was missed. The “Steel Curtain” then took the field, and kept the Hallam offense to a 3-and-out, giving the Sabres the ball back on their 20. Paul Musker led his team to an 80 yard, 14 minute energy sapping march, ending with the diminutive signal caller high stepping into the end-zone untouched, behind his dominating line, from 7 yards, making it 12-0 after 20 minutes.The Sabres D then shutout the game regularly keeping Hallam in their own half. Sacks from LB Will Hunting, DE Jay Stec and various others, and an interception from LB George Pollard, made sure of the shutout.Next weekend sees The Sabres travel to Lincoln to face HC Wilson’s new outfit.
Sheffield Sabres 36-0 Lincoln Colonials
The Sabres travelled to Lincoln to face former OC Al Wilson, and his new team, the Colonials. The Sabres started brightly, when the offence, led by QB Paul Musker, marched the length of the field, culminating in a WR Henry Geen touchdown, with the extra point converted. Lincoln’s offence had a torrid time with injuries and throughout the first half, struggled even to 3-and-out, fumbling regularly.Meanwhile, the Sabres offence had another drive, once again finished off by Geen. RB Tom Guy also ran in for the Sabres to cap off a high scoring first quarter. The Sabres defence got in on the act too, by gang tackling the Lincoln RB in his own endzone, to force a safety, and then from the ensuing free punt, KR Sam Broughton ran the length of the field to end up under the posts. The Sabres had a slight wobble as Lincoln continued to put up a fight with their strong defense. This was caused partly by LT Tim Mullinar fumbling downfield after receiving a lateral from Musker.Sabres offence had one final score, when American WR Jerry Ushakov received a pass, in his first match, to round off a successful day at the office. There were outstanding performances from Paul Musker and Henry Geen on the offence, and Chris Lakin, Iain Adams and George Pollard on the defence.
Sheffield Sabres 39-12 Lancaster Bombers
The Sheffield Sabres clinched their first ever Divisional Title, whilst beating rivals Lancaster Bombers. Lancaster started strongly on offense, scoring with two of their first three drives, running the ball well, but the Sabres offense matched their counterparts, scoring on all but two possessions in the entire game. QB Paul Musker led the offense, throwing four TD passes, two to WR Henry Geen, one to WR Phil Hindes and one to rookie RB Cadillac Williams.Cadillac also racked up yards rushing the ball, with some fine breakaway runs, one of which ended on the Lancaster 1 yard line. Sheffield also managed to convert three of the scores off the boot of K Matt Paul.On defense, the Sabres managed to shutout Lancaster in the second half, with fine performances from DE Jay Stec, DE Chris Lakin, who earned a forced fumble from QB Woo Kim, and from LB Rob Oxley. A commendable performance from rookie LB Karl Hoddell who stepped up to the plate well. In winning this game, and Staffordshire beating Hallam, the Sabres won the North West Division for the first time in club history.
UT Cougars 1-1 Sheffield Sabres
This game was tied due to an unplayable pitch and inability to play the game before the playoffs.
Sheffield Sabres 0-13 Leeds Celtics (Playoffs)
The NorthWest Division Champions Sheffield Sabres went to Leeds to take on the 6-2 Celtics. In torrential rain and high winds, the Sheffield passing offense was grounded, particularly when veteran QB Paul Musker left the game with double vision.Leeds scored both of their touchdowns after blocked punts, and a very strong Leeds defense kept the Sabres offense static for most of the afternoon. The offense, led by QB Henry Geen dug in at the whistle, starting their last three drives on the 4, 2 and 1/2 yard lines,  and desperate to maintain the offense’s nil points conceded this season.Best of Yorkshire luck to Leeds for their clash against Loughborough.
Sheffield Sabres 21-6 Sheffield Hallam Warriors (Varsity)
The Sheffield Sabres travelled to Bawtry Road to take on their cross-city rivals Hallam, with The Steelbowl, and the pride of their University at stake.The Hallam defense started strongly, causing the Sabres offense to struggle to move the ball in dreadful high winds and horizontal hail.Eventually in a stalemate game, a botched punt return gave Hallam good field position, and they managed to ground in a score, failing to add the sundries.DB Chris Shaw then provided a moment of brilliance, and comedy, in stripping the Hallam ball carrier, and returning the ball, eventually to be tackled by thin air on the 6 yard line. After just two sneaks, the all-too familiar Lambeau Lay-Up was demonstrated as QB Paul Musker added to his season’s tally.The Sabres defense as usual then managed to keep their opposition to minimal yards, capping off a very impressive season from a number of players.

WR Jerry Ushakov finished his Sabres career with style, strolling in at the corner after a well times reverse. Once again, the extra point was converted.

Rookie RB Sam Broughton scored his first points from scrimmage, running over LG Kirk Mavraki for a 12 yard rushing TD.

The Sabres would like to thank everyone who has contributed this season, particularly to those who are leaving us for pastures new:

LB Will Hunting, LB Iain Adams, LT Tim Mullinar, WR Phil Hindes, TE Colin Hatton, K/WR Matt Paul, TE Michal Whitty, CB Simon Vardy, S Scott Davies, S Nick Jephson, WR Jerry Ushakov, S James Gizzo, TE Dan Zehner