00/01 Season

The Sabres first season in BCAFL was a short one. Only three games were played until a lack of funds forced the Sabres to withdraw for the remainder of the season.

The Sabres still managed to pick up a win with an exciting overtime victory against the Newcastle Mariners.

Away Team Home Team
Derby Braves 26-0 Sheffield Sabres
Sheffield Sabres 6-44 Hull Sharks
Sheffield Sabres 18-12 Newcastle Mariners
BCAFL Northern Conference – Eastern Division Standings
Team Won Lost Tied PCT. For Against
Teeside Cougars 6 1 1 0.812 90 50
Hull Sharks 6 2 0 0.750 157 51
Leeds Celtics 2 4 2 0.375 36 54
Sheffield Sabres 1 7 0 0.125 24 87
Newcastle Mariners 0 6 2 0.125 18 265
No. Name Position
6 Damian Marshall QB
7 Cam Keil QB
18 Patrick Howard TE/LB
19 Jesus Talamantes-Silva QB
21 Ben King RB
27 Tomoki Sugama CB
33 Dan Lane DB
38 Tom Whiting FS
41 Hugh Mortimer WR/SS
44 Nicholas Carignano LB
51 Jon Bertram DE
55 Ian Edmonds LB
56 Andrew Denith OL
69 Anthony Walker OL/DL
75 Phil Baxter LB
79 Aftab Khaliq OL/DL
81 Neil Whiffing WR
84 Will Davis WR
86 Simon Gibson WR/SS
88 Dan Eyles TE/CB
90 Seth Williams DL
91 Paul Bailey LB
Match Reports
Derby Braves 26-0 Sheffield Sabres
The Sabres looked like a new team in this 26 – 0 loss to the derby Braves. The Sabres passing attack had several completions but were unable to punch the ball intro the endzone.
Sheffield Sabres 6-44 Hull Sharks
The Sabres travelled to Hull for their first every away game. Simon Gibson had the honour of the Sabres first ever points when he returned a punt 70 yards for a touchdown. Although this did little to offset the 44 points against.
Sheffield Sabres 18-12 Newcastle Mariners
The Sabres took with first ever win with an overtime Touchdown from Club Founder Damian Marshall. The Victory Celebrations included a lap of honour of Gateshead International Stadium.Sunday’s trip to Newcastle saw one of the BCAFL’s original teams from the 1985/86 season come up against the league’s newest team, the Sheffield Sabres. The difference in club age didn’t come into it as two young and enthusiastic squads both went out looking for their first win. Sheffield began confidently moving the ball on their first possession, only for a fumble to stop them near midfield, where Newcastle took over, giving the ball to Jon Stoddard to open the scoring with a 40 yard run. The extra point kick failed. Undeterred, Sheffield continued to play hard, and some strong defence forced the Mariners to punt, only for Simon Gibson to return it 60 yards for the tying score. The Sabres’ two point conversion pass was stopped by Newcastle. Sheffield came back to score again on their next drive with an 18 yard touchdown pass from QB Damian Marshall to Gibson, for his second TD of the game, giving the Sabres a 12-6 halftime lead.

The Newcastle University team came out fired up after halftime and managed to tie the game with Stoddard’s second touchdown, this time a two yarder. Defence continued to rule for the rest of the game, with Sheffield stopped several times inside the Mariner 10 yard line. The game looked over with one minute to go when a Newcastle receiver was tackled on the Sheffield 1 yard line by rookie Nicolas Carignano after a huge pass completion. From here the Mariners were stopped twice by a spirited Sheffield goal line stand and the clock ran out, sending the game into overtime.

The extra period went much the same way as the fourth quarter with Sheffield moving the ball but unable to punch it in for the score. A big play came with two minutes to go as Will Davis outleaped a defender to haul in a 30 yard pass which brought the Sabres into the Newcastle redzone. From here Ben King ran behind his blockers well to set up the Sabres inside the 5 on fourth down. King’s sweep to the endzone was stopped, but a facemask penalty gave the Sabres a second chance. Down on the 1 yard line now Sheffield weren’t to be stopped, and it was Marshall who won the game with a QB sneak with less than a minute to go before the game was declared a tie. The score sent the Sheffield squad wild in celebration as the Sabres won their first game in their BCAFL inaugural season.